Joaquín Sánchez Gil

Born in Almargen (Málaga, Spain), Joaquín plays clarinets and a myriad of other conventional and unconventional wind instruments. He has performed with Rubem Dantas Trio/Sextet, the Granada Reunion Band, The Dubi Dubi Band with Paul Stocker, David el Marqués “Agua”, Guga Murray, Guillermo Morente, Hispanistán, Multaka, Fathi-Ben Yakoub and Driss Nigra, Basido, LaLoLa and the Bass Clarinet Trio of Granada.

He was graduated in Music Education from the University of Granada. He teaches and plays in series of educational concerts; workshops and conferences including Vibra-tó, MusikX1Tubo (Tons of Music), Música en las Maletas (Music in a Suitcase) and Un Paseo por Europa (Wandering through Europe), often using self-made instruments constructed with recycled materials.

He has studied instruments, harmony and improvisation with Paul Stocker, Melchor Perelló, José Luís Estellés, Ivo Hristov, Gabrielle Mirabassi, Diego Guerrero, Dan Ben Lior, Jules Frayssinet, Andrew Lynch and Xristos Barbas.

Joaquín has collaborated and recorded with a wide diversity of artists and projects all over Europe and the Magreb including Jorge Pardo, Vientos Flamencos, Paul Stocker, Alexa Khan, Supervivientes, Llorens Barber, Dan Ben Lior and Alberto Alcalá. Recently he travelled to the USA to study with Gregorie Maret and William Gallison. He also practices Alexander technique, having studied with John Nichols, Beret Arcaya, Vivien Mackie, Belén Cobos, John Wolf and John Hunter.