Joan Masana Moya

Born in Barcelona in 1977, he graduated in the "Aula de Jazz" Barcelona where he obtained the title of Grade average modern music and jazz. He continued receiving lessons with teachers such as Carlos Belafonte, Horacio Fumero, Joan Rectoret, Michel Hatzieorgiou, among others.

He plays in Barcelona music scene with such a renowned ensembles as: La Fundición (candombe Uruguay), Andreu Zaragoza Jazz Quartet; Llibert Fortuny group, among others.

Between the years 1998-2000 he has studied with Professor Manuel Granados and later they formed combo flamenco. At the root of this first contact with flamenco he decided to move to Andalusia where he started working with guitarist Emilio Maya Granada, playing in international Festivals. In Granada he has been collaborated with flamenco artists like Marina Heredia, David Carmona, Jorge Pardo and Rubem Dantas.

During 2003 he moved to Jerez de La Frontera, which is known as the crawled of the flamenco, there he contacted with many flamenco artists such as Juan Moneo "El Torta", Jose Galvez, Sergio Monroy; worked with the French dancer "La Rubia" and performed at prestigious Festival Métissons in Marseille and the Half Note Club (Athens).

Since 2009 he studied bass with teachers attending seminars such as: Ben Street, Deejay Foster, Dave Santoro and Javier Colina. He has played with musicians of the caliber of: Michel Godard, Steve Williamson, Kim Plainfield, Jonathan Kreisberg, Ernesto Aurignac, Enrique Oliver, Arturo Serra and Julian Sanchez. He played in international festivals in London, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, among others European countries.

He collaborates also with flamenco artists like: Jose el Frances, Chonchi Heredia, and the guitarists Cadiz Nono Garcia and Tito Alcedo. He performed in Canne Sucre Festival (Puerto Principe, Haiti 2009) and Ceuta Jazz Festival (2010) and Copehagen Jazz Festival (2013).

He has recorded in different formations as: Color Flamenco (Bigbang Karonte 2002), Alabaster (mezzo 2004), Hafez Modir "Bemsha Alegria" (Second Floor Music 2007), Antonio Gomez "Aires de mar" (Factoria Copyright 2007), Clement Junquera "Revelado, revelando" (Midas Records 2008), Maui and Sirenians "A little while"(2007), Suhail Ensemble "The wheel of life" (FORINTER 2009), Tito Alcedo "Janda" (Surfonia, 2010), Nono Garcia Trio “Viaje a la Breña" (Youcali Music, 2013)